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09:44pm 28/01/2009
  woo hoo! Heat are 4th in the East. No one knows how good this team really is. I love being able to not tell if were overachieving or underachieving but for now I'm impressed.

I've been busy, but I've certainly been watching the NBA.

Your mod,

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Hello all 
11:00am 22/11/2008
mood: hopeful
The Heat are rolling along all right. They are certainly carrying a lot better than last year's train wreck. Here's hoping for a trip at least to the first round.
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12:25pm 09/07/2008
  Say hello to the newest member of the Miami Heat:

James Jones.
01:20pm 06/07/2008
  I'm hearing some really good things about Mario Chalmers.

The guy might be our starter.

This lineup is going to be uptempo. Do you think we're putting a little too much trust in Chalmers or do you think Chalmers will fit in and help Wade/Marion organize the offense?
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the quarterbacks 
03:47pm 29/06/2008
  We have a brand new team here. Im going to shake some things up. Make it fresh. I always love watching a young team blossom and run the fast break. I'm kinda getting high on this team.

Anyways. Point guard situation. I think J-Will has to go, and I'm hoping we can make a deal and get Hinrich. He'd really fit into our style. According to Riley, the starting point guard for now is Marcus Banks. I think Banks is okay, he didn't have an opportunity to play in D'Antoni's system and he's a bit overpaid but not a bad point guard overall. The word is that we made a steal with Mario Chalmers. He could possibly start at the point guard despite being a 2nd round pick we traded for in the draft.

Haslem started at power forward as a rookie. He was undrafted. You never know.

I trust in Riley.
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03:51pm 27/06/2008
  Woo! Michael Beasley.

Heat Fans.

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12:52pm 10/03/2008
  Okay... Who stays? Who goes?

Riley already said it there are people who don't want to be there and they're going.

I think Marion should stay though. He's been playing really solid and when Wade's healthy he has Pippen written all over him.
Shaq is gone 
03:38am 06/02/2008
  I know noone has posted here for a while, and that's understandable with the Heat an NBA worst 9-37. But a megaton bomb has just been dropped into the middle of this "GET IT OVER WITH" season.

Shaq has been traded.

For Shawn Marion. (and Marcus Banks)

Yahoo Sports. ESPN. Miami Herald. Not directly confirmed YET, but way too many sources on this one. Shaq goes to the SUNS for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks.

For the Heat, it makes great sense. Shaq has underperformed when he's played at all, and at 9-37 it's not like losing him can make us much WORSE. Marion is a great compliment to Wade, and Banks might be a diamond in the rough at PG. The Heat get out of Shaq's 2 years and $40 million left. The Heat can get even more money free for 2009 if Marion gives up his $17 million in 2009 to opt out. Or the Heat can re-sign Marion, a nice piece. 2009 is suddenly shaping up quite well with possibly Wade, Marion, Haslem, money to play with and a lottery draft pick.

For the Suns, it makes no sense at all. The large and ever-more plodding Shaq gets sent to an NBA team FAMOUS for running it up. The Suns actually increase their payroll to bring an aging and slowing Shaq on board, and deal what was thought to be an undealable chip in Marion.

Verdict: Ladies and gentleman, Pat Riley! Give him a big hand. He flat out ROBBED the Suns, even if Marion is a 3 month rental. He dumped Shaq's massive contract off and got Shawn Marion in the deal. Shaq may reviatalize on a better team. He may be just what the Suns need, and they finally win a ring. I hope they do, the Suns now instantly become my favorite in the West. But, long term, this deal easily favors the Heat.

Shaq, thanks for bringing the Heat something we fans thought we'd never see...an NBA title. It was almost entirely because of you, and we're forever grateful. And thanks for being willing and gracious about a trade to help us out. Go win a ring, and then come back and be the 3rd guy to have your number retired in Miami (Michael Jordan, and after this year almost surely Alonzo Mourning).
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10:17am 15/01/2008
  At Small Forward...
out of the University of Michigan
six foot eight

12:30pm 02/11/2007

Good News everyone!

The Miami Heat will be wearing their 1988-89 season throwbacks for a few games this season to commemorate their 20th anniversary.

As a result, the entire team will be issued brand new jerseys, except for Alonzo Mourning who will blow the dust off of his old one, and Dwyane Wade, who will borrow one from Steve Smith.

Here's to hoping I can nab a Shaq-version of the throwback.
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NBA.Com head-to-head points league? 
04:44pm 24/10/2007
  For those of you who are members of Nbafans, and/or sports_debate, I apologize, because you've probably seen this post before. The weekend is just drawing closer and closer (which is when I want to schedule my draft), and I'm in dire need of some players for my fantasy league... I'd ATLEAST like 10, but right now I don't even have that many. I'd PREFER to have 12, but if I can get 3-4 people to make it 10, then I'll be good. Anyways... here's the post.

I posted about trying to find a good place to host a league before, and this is a semi-repost, but here it goes anyways. The NBA season starts up a week from now, so it's fantasy time for basketball fans. I'm not a fan of Rotisserie scoring, so I found a very good customizable set up in NBA.com's fantasy leagues. Think of it like the way fantasy football is set up. Weekly head-to-head, the person with the most points at the end of the week is the winner.

I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to set up the points yet, but I have a pretty good idea. I'm open to any suggestions if you've got any. I'm going to be using FG%, FT&, Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks, Turnovers, and find some way to put 3 pointers made fairly in there. As of right now, I have the roster set up 1 PG, 1 SG, 1 G, 1 SF, 1 PF, 1 F, 1 C, and 1 Util, but that's subject to change, if anyone else has any ideas. If you're interested in joining the league, and/or have any suggestions, feel free to comment, or get in touch with me through AIM (screen name: dAdXeR).

Also, if you ARE interested, let me know what time would be best for you. Some more times have opened up since the last post I made. There are draft times open available all night from now until the season starts, so I'd have to set up the draft sometime before gametime on Tuesday night. I'd prefer to set it up early afternoon on Saturday (sometime before 2pm), but if enough people prefer another day/time, I'll do my best to accomodate everyone.

For those interested in auto-drafting, apparently NBA.com has a way to auto-draft using 2 lists (by player, and by position, so you can choose which postion you want to draft each round so you're not stuck with a roster full of guards). Hope to hearing from people looking to join soon, so I can get it set up by this weekend.
11:01pm 14/10/2007
  R.I.P. Alec Kessler  
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11:57am 10/08/2007
  Did we also acquire Lil' Penny?  
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11:56am 28/07/2007
  Smush Parker...

what the hell?
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The Draft 
04:38am 29/06/2007
  Here's the Heat's 2007 draft in a nutshell.

We took a guy.
We traded that guy for another guy, and a guy in the future.
We took another guy.
We traded that guy too, for a guy in the future.

With the 20th pick, the Heat selected Jason Smith from Colorado State. But amidst the applause of fans at the arena for a good, solid pick, it was announced that the Heat were trading Smith all the way down to 21. In return, the Heat got OSU freshman SG Daequan Cook, selected by the 76ers at 21, as well as the Sixers 2009 2nd round pick, and some cash.

Cook was the 6th man of the year in the Big 10, but didn't make a gigantic impact. He's definitely another project to add to Wright and Simien. Boy, Erick Spolestra could have a good, young core in 2-3 years.

So on to round two. Taurean Green was available, but the Heat decided to go with another foreign project, taking Stanko Barac at number 39. Seriously? A basketball player named Stanko? Deciding that name was decidedly too silly, the Heat traded his rights to the Pacers, taking their 2009 2nd round pick as well.

So in the end, we have a 6th man that played one year at Ohio State and only started 1 game, some cash, and we now have three 2nd round picks in 2 years. It's almost a sure thing that Erick Spolestra will be MAKING those selections, though they do make good trade bait. If the Heat wants to trade into the lottery, their first and TWO second round picks can be very tempting, AND they'd still have one 2nd rounder for themselves.

If you're looking for a letter grade for the Heat in this draft...you won't get one. Why? Because it's plainly clear that the Heat don't care about the draft. The Heat are 100% focused on free agency, and only took anyone because they were forced too. The Heat took a guy they could sign easy and on the cheap and are saving a ton of cash for free agency. And by making sure those traded for picks were in 2009, they save the cash next year too. We won't be able to judge next season based on the draft, but on free agency.

But if there's a college guy the Heat should look at, it's Lee Humphrey. If we lose Jason Kapono to free agency, the Heat will need a shooter like Humphrey. He's a senior, so he's got experience and some leadership, and his shot is wicked accurate. Take a look, Riles, take a look.

And on a completely college-based alma-mater-ish side note, big ups to my Florida Gators, who were the first school EVER to have three players taken in the Top Ten, and only the 2nd to have 3 taken in the top 15.

just because 
09:03am 19/02/2007

wade and kapono represented the heat very well this weekend.

hooray for the second half.
Riley sabbatical 
04:55pm 03/01/2007
  Miami Heat head coach Pat Riley announced today that he is taking an indefinite leave of absence. He is doing this to finally get his hips and knees looked at. Ron Rothstein, former coach of the Heat and the Miami Sol as well as a current Heat assistant, will take over as interim head coach.

Riley looked pretty BAD today. I don't know if it was stress from making the decision but he was rocking a wicked 5 o'clock shadow and just didn't look well.

Maybe he saw what Shaq does most seasons (start off, get hurt, rest up, come back for the playoffs and perform his best), and thought it was a good idea.

08:49pm 04/12/2006
  SI just named their sportsman of the year  
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Well now that's better 
12:33am 04/11/2006
  See everyone?  Heat haters, panicked fans...RELAX.

Miami recovered from an abysmal performance two nights ago against Chicago to prove that it really WAS just one night.  The Heat looked very much improved, like a team that actually found their focus, and beat back the Nets, 91-85.

Shaq was the Big Diesel once more.  Shaq went for 21 points and 9 boards.  Wade chipped in 17 points and James Posey and Gary Payton hit a few critical 3s in the last minutes of the game.

As he always does, Vince Carter did well against the Heat.  Carter had 27 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and a steal. 

I saw this coming from the opening tip.  Not necessarily that Miami would WIN, but that we'd see a much better effort.  See, it really was just the emotion of ring night.  Other than Shaq, how many of those guys were getting rings for the first time?  "It's hard to go from happy-jolly to kill em' all," Shaq said of the sudden change in emotions on Ring Night.

This team will be fine, even without Jalen Rose (perhaps the first athlete to announce his choice in new team on A BLOG!).  We may see a trade made (personally, I doubt Doleac is here much past the point he proves he's healthy), but it will just be slight tweaking.

Another positive sign was that young guys got significant minutes.  And this was in a game that was close down to the final seconds, so it wasn't garbage time.  Dorell Wright saw 16 minutes, and Jason Kapono saw 15 minutes.  Barron, Simien, and Quinn DNP, and Robert Hite was not listed in the box score (it's possible he was moved to a non-roster list to make room for Jalen Rose, should he have signed here).

Now, let's keep the good things going.  Let's hang a loss on the 2-0 Sixers.

A bag full of tricks 
02:38am 01/11/2006
  Well...that was...pathetic.

The Heat started this NBA season by getting their championship rings and raising a title banner to the rafters. Then they got their clocks cleaned by a Bulls team that looked younger, faster, and hungrier. The Bulls came to Miami on the Heat's ring night and destroyed the Heat, 108-66.

But, believe it or not, I'm not worried. You hope this sort of thing doesn't happen, mainly because the worst ever loss by a defending champ on opening night is not something you hope for. But at the same time, it can't surprise you.

The Heat had stars in their eyes, plain and simple. They were lost in misty water-colored memories. They were complacent and just plain overlooked the team that gave them their hardest playoff challenge last season and then ADDED Ben Wallace.

These guys will get their act together. This game will serve as a wake-up call to these guys. This single game will serve as a season-long reminder to this team that they cannot live in the glory of last season. It's a sobering reminder that last year is over, and it's time to go get another ring.

And if they need any more motivation...
Of 16 ESPN.com NBA experts polled about the season, 13 picked Miami to win the Eastern Conference (John Hollinger and Greg Anthony pick Cleveland, and Chris Sheridan picks Detroit). But of the 13 that selected Miami to win the East, only TWO pick them to be repeat champions. Chris Brousard and Jamal Mashburn. The other 14 all pick whoever their Western Conference pick was. No love for the East. But that's okay. Disrespect us. Ignore us. It worked fine for us last year. (And 4 experts even pick the Mavs to win it. Mark Stein, Jon Barry, and Kiki Vandeweigh all picked a Heat-Mavs rematch, with the MAVS winning it.)

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