C.R. Bauman (cbauman) wrote in miami_heat,
C.R. Bauman

the quarterbacks

We have a brand new team here. Im going to shake some things up. Make it fresh. I always love watching a young team blossom and run the fast break. I'm kinda getting high on this team.

Anyways. Point guard situation. I think J-Will has to go, and I'm hoping we can make a deal and get Hinrich. He'd really fit into our style. According to Riley, the starting point guard for now is Marcus Banks. I think Banks is okay, he didn't have an opportunity to play in D'Antoni's system and he's a bit overpaid but not a bad point guard overall. The word is that we made a steal with Mario Chalmers. He could possibly start at the point guard despite being a 2nd round pick we traded for in the draft.

Haslem started at power forward as a rookie. He was undrafted. You never know.

I trust in Riley.
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