C.R. Bauman (cbauman) wrote in miami_heat,
C.R. Bauman

the quarterbacks

We have a brand new team here. Im going to shake some things up. Make it fresh. I always love watching a young team blossom and run the fast break. I'm kinda getting high on this team.

Anyways. Point guard situation. I think J-Will has to go, and I'm hoping we can make a deal and get Hinrich. He'd really fit into our style. According to Riley, the starting point guard for now is Marcus Banks. I think Banks is okay, he didn't have an opportunity to play in D'Antoni's system and he's a bit overpaid but not a bad point guard overall. The word is that we made a steal with Mario Chalmers. He could possibly start at the point guard despite being a 2nd round pick we traded for in the draft.

Haslem started at power forward as a rookie. He was undrafted. You never know.

I trust in Riley.
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If you watched the draft, it seemed like they made the assumption that every off guard could play the point. Everytime a guard was drafted, they were like "omg he can play point", whether or not their game translated that way at all or not. Chalmers will probably not play point, but he's a good 3 point shooter, something that Miami lacked last year after losing their 3 best shooters in the previous off-season (Posey, Kapono, Walker).

Hinrich WOULD be great for this style. He's used to not having to make all of the plays in Chicago's system (full of guards and shooters), and he'd play a similar role here with the amount of touches Wade would be getting. He's like J-Will in the sense that he's a good shooter but he's just... better, and more efficient.

They also need to figure out what to do with Ricky Davis. He's got to go.
I'm on the fence about Ricky Davis. The guy is mad talented but finds himself being on a sub.500 team all the time. Riley actually wants to keep him because the guy can score on his own, but I kinda see where people are going with him.

The draft was combo-guard heavy. But right now according to what Riley said in the Herald, the Heat's starting point guard is Marcus Banks. Which means we have plenty of work to do.

Haslem was undrafted because he was fat. He went to Europe, lost weight, and showed that he could play w/ the best. He was a 'rookie', but he wasn't a rookie.
right. But the guy wasn't even in the NBDL before he came to the Heat. I remember when we signed him out of the Heat training camp and we were like, "Oh yeah he was pretty good in UF. He had a good game against Elton Brand."

My point is he just jumped into the starting line from out of nowhere.